T-Mobile: Sidekick data partially restored, $100 gift cards on the way

T-Mobile isn’t taking its Sidekick outage lightly. The Sidekick carrier has been hard at work trying to get Sidekick service back in full working order, and it seems they were successful in restoring at least some Sidekick users’ data. After being told by T-Mobile and Microsoft’s Danger division that Sidekick data was likely lost forever, some users were pleasantly surprised to see some of their lost data show up again on their Sidekick handsets.

As for the rest of the Sidekick camp with permanent data loss, T-Mobile has announced that they will be sending out $100 T-Mobile gift cards over the next 14 days. The gift cards can be used on any T-Mobile products or phone bills, in addition to the free month of service that T-Mobile is giving to every Sidekick user.

For what it’s worth, T-Mobile hopes “that for the majority of our customers, personal content can be recovered.”

Fingers crossed! Especially for heavy business users.

[Via: T-Mobile]

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