Screenshot: Nokia N900 running on T-Mobile’s 3G network = 2.26 Mb/s down, 0.34 Mb/s up

Mark Guim from The Nokia Blog just came back from Amsterdam after attending the 2009 Maemo Summit. Everyone who attended got a Nokia (NYSE: NOK) N900, which has 1700 MHz 3G support by the way; the weird band that only T-Mobile (NYSE: DT) USA is using at the moment.

How fast does that sucker go?

2.26 Mb/s download, 0.34 Mb/s upload, ping time of 174 ms. That’s fast, almost double the speed of current fastest operator in America according to numbers published by The Boy Genius Report. I’m not surprised really, he must have been the only one using that cell tower’s 3G capability. Almost nothing runs on the 1700 MHz frequency.

[Via: @thenokiablog]

  • pompey

    so, what phone do you use?

    Being a Linux based means it can support any number of 3rd party apps developed using GTK++. Which is a lot. They don’t need porting, but it is recommended to give best mobile experience. Also, it’s going to have QT framework, so…

  • Kenshin

    Wait Wait Wait …. that last statment sounds like a Iphone fanboy…. Apps? Dear friend, have you so quickly forgotten that its LINUX based? That alone equates to open source apps and third party support.

    Had an I-phone 3G, two actually(Wife and I), Great device, Poor carrier choice, thus the reason I have a G1 now…

    Now I can agree with you if when it hits T-Mobile with the price STILL $600+, no one will bite when they can get an I-phone or a G1, hell even the Moto CLIQ for less that $250. They’d be a fishin in a bathtub, waiting for the big one…

    Now, if they make this thing AFFORDABLE, the price of the phone that is… say $250 – $299 in that sweet spot, this wil lbe a potintial game changer for the smart phone market. The cababilities ALONE of what the phone can do is litterally jaw dropping.

    And this from an X-Iphone User… so trust me no bias here…

  • Bob Ross

    Good lord an iphone fan boy/girl. The iphone is seriously overrated as are most apple products. They throw something shiny at you that has the same specs as other products then mark it up two fold. I remember the Imac craze people loving it because it came in different colors. I’m sorry Ariel but Nokia owns the greatest marketshare for cell phones. Nokia has about 40% of the world’s marketshare. You need to start looking at the big picture. Apple’s technology is inferior right now. Before the 3GS came out I was using a phone from Nokia with a better camera and web surfing abilities than the iphone. This phone was out 2 years ago and I wouldn’t trade it for an iphone anyday. We’re talking functionality not being a whore to marketing. Can your iphone multitask? Can it open up multiple applications at the same time and keep them running? Can it output to your tv? Can it record HD video?

  • John Hagerty


    • albert

      dude, stop sucking steve jobs di6k. You Iphone fanboys annoy me.

    • Drew

      OMG!! You iPhone weirdos are drunk from all the kool-aid and marketing you’ve been swallowing. “I hate you Linux ppl…”. Really?? The very same platform your fearless Leader used to develop the Apple OSX. That’s right punch-drunk weirdos, the Apple OSX is based on Linux and so is the Internet. I bet Mr. Jobs is glad he didn’t have to “pay” for an open source kernel to develop his Operating System. He is the epitome of a pompous, two-faced hypocrite. So, before you start hammering away about “Open Source” and “a real app is a pay app”, be grateful that thoughtful and innovative people like Linus Torvalds don’t yank your damn OS from your precious iPhone. Get a clue, anybody knows a real “smartphone” can multi-task. And for what it’s worth, I own a BlackBerry…. two in fact and I can play music, check my Facebook/Twitter, say what’s up to my BlackBerry Messenger Groups, surf the web, check my “push” Gmail, all without missing a beat (no pun intended). Your “apps” are so tired and overrated. Do some research before opening your rehashed commercials. LOL!! There’s a “MAP” for your crappy network…

      • Me

        Sorry, OSX is Unix based, not Linux, Linux is just another derivative of Unix much like OSx. I’m not a fan boi but people need to know stuff.

        • Drew

          I stand corrected…

  • Bob Ross

    Yeah John who cares if the app is totally pointless and has no utilizable purpose. Booboo nanny booboo. If it doesn’t fall from Steve Jobs grundle cakes then its not worth buying!!!

  • Ivan Franco

    suckersss.. C’mon Nokia bring it on..

  • ali

    Apps ? Seriously, iphone users have been totally short-changed. If the iphone had applications that normal phones have had for the past 5 yrs, they wouldn’t need the app store. I’m surprised Apple didn’t make them buy a ‘Dialer’ App that lets them use the device as a phone. Oh, And congratulations on finally getting MMS, its only been availabe for the past 7 yrs. I can’t blame iphone users of having to jail-rape their devices to get normal use out them.
    As far as the N900, sounds interesting but its probably going to fail miserably here in the USA. If T-mobile doesn’t carry it, it won’t sell too easily. And even if it does, it still won’t sell because Americans have never seen a high end nokia phone and the only nokia phones they are familiar with are the $10 prepaid phones that are selling inside department stores and gas stations. Sure, it’ll still float in cellphone hobbyist circles, but that’ll probably be it here State-side. It might have a chance overseas but its not going to give nokia the results they were hoping for. Nokia has to realize that its a late comer to the the touch phone game and spending tens of millions to re-invent the wheel doesn’t make any sense. It would have made more sense for them to pickup Android and have a united front/alternative to combat the iphone/blackberry/palm axis ( of evil )

  • Drew

    The N900 with the Maemo5 technology is a sweet ass phone. For all the haters (“app” users especially) and you know who you are, continue to hate because you’re never gonna have flash on your device. Master Jobs won’t allow it…. Way to bounce back Nokia after the N97 debacle. This will definitely be one of the front runners.

  • The Solutor

    Stefan, when I get my hand on the tablet I’ll post my results.

  • William

    Nokia doesn’t need USA to sell the N900.

  • Ross

    im not an iphone fan boy but i have the iphone on at&t, and on at&t’s 3g network using the app i’ve gotten download speeds of 2185 and upload speeds of 291. and on the xtreme speedtest app i’ve gotten 2370 down and 273 up. and at&t’s network is crammed sowith real world test, atleast in connecticut at&t’s 3g is on par with tmobile’s!

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