Motorola Droid in images: Impressive!

Lucky Boy Genius and his connections. He had a chance to spend some intimate time with the upcoming Motorola Droid smartphone. Here’s the recap of his impressions:

  • It’s running Android 2.0!
  • It’s thin, only slightly thicker than the iPhone 3GS.
  • TI OMAP3430 CPU is running the show, hence the Droid is super-fast.
  • Reminds of the OQO 02 model, only it’s smaller.
  • Huge capacitive touchscreen, great keyboard with soft-touch rubberized finish.
  • The device will ship with a desktop cradle/charger which turns Droid into a “multimedia station” to show local weather, time, and so on.
  • The MOTO CLIQ looks like a toy compared to this baby.

Needless to say – I want one! And now some photos:

  • Matt

    The Droid is a hideous looking phone. It looks like a hand held game from the 80s. The Motorola Cliq is impressive, this is crap. No one in their right mind would say this is good enough to even compete with Motorola Cliq let alone the iPhone. This thing looks nothing like the iPhone. People who want an iPhone alternative are gonna get the Cliq unless their stuck with Verizon and don’t have another option.

  • droidica

    Matt, go back to your teenage friends at t-mobile, nobody cares about your opinion if it doesn’t have any constructive points.

    I used Verizon from 2003-7 with a Motorola V60i and was very happy with their service, did not like the direction the service lockdown on the phones was going, so shifted to Helio and their unique Ocean when it became available. Especially since it used Sprint as a primary data/voice connection, but switched to Verizon for voice if Sprint was not available. I travel and have noticed the drop of 3G service outside of metropolitan areas, Verizon is always the last available service. This Droid (I preferred the TAO name) is going to make me shift back to Verizon IF the data/phone monthly charges don’t exceed my current monthly unlimited voice/data costs on Virgin Mobile of $115 with all taxes.

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