Got a question? New iPhone app has your ‘kgb Answers’

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Answers to just about any question you’re likely to come up  with are usually no more than a Google search away for iPhone users. But, sometimes, a Google research project is more trouble than it’s worth. For times like that, the new “kgb Answers” iPhone app has your, um, answers. The new kgb Answers [iTunes link] app is now available on the AppStore to satisfy all your question-asking needs.

If you’ve seen the kgb commercials on TV, you’ll already know how the service works. For the handful of you that haven’t seen the ad, kgb provides accurate answers to any question you send through SMS text (542542) or the new iPhone app. You should also check out the commercials on the kgb website here.

What makes kgb different is that you can ask your question in natural (even slang) language because there are live “kgb Special Agents” answering your questions. That means your answers are more relevant, location-aware and packed with information. The iPhone app will even pin-point location-based questions on a map. It’s like having your own personal concierge on call.

kgb Answers costs $1.99 in the AppStore, and includes 3 free questions. Each additional question will cost you $0.99 through in-app purchases.

kgb Answers [iTunes link]

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