Motorola Droid goods start trickling out


As we get closer to Verizon’s Motorola Droid launch, we’re going to start seeing more Droid-related goodies popping up left and right. Today, we’re treated to shots of third-party cases and promotional mailers for the Motorola Droid A855.

The promotional mailers highlight the Droid’s 5-megapixel camera capable of taking low-light photos and its uncompromising feature-set. There isn’t too much information in the promo materials, but it’s good to see the Droid getting ready to make a marketing push.

The Droid cases were spotted at Best Buy Mobile and show the “A855” model number rather than the more recognizable “Droid” brand. Perhaps the cases went into production before the “Droid” name was unveiled?


Next stop, Motorola Droid launch date!

[Via: BGR and EngadgetMobile]

  • Thomas Tran

    Well this finally answers a couple questions regarding verizon and the droid does campaign. There were many speculations verizon was looking to push android phones with the viral campaign. The heat is definately on for verizon and it will be exciting to see how launch day will be for the droid. So far they got me as a customer switching from att iphone 3g.

  • Tom

    What idiotic ad agency is doing this campaign?? It looks like a brochure for Ozzfest for crying out loud. Verizon seems to be targeting geeks with this campaign and they’re the ones they have to persuade the least! We’re already sold Verizon but if you’re puttingon the gloves against Apple you better aim for mass market with your ad message. This one completely alienates women all together and seems to be targeting the under 20 male crowd. Fail in the ad dept!!!

  • jean

    i recently unlock my iphone 3g to tmobile , but after i mistakenly did an update from apple now it is lock again , what do i do to unlock it again?

  • Tommy

    I like the theme since it has a transformer/terminator style to it. If you take a step back and look how verizon has gone about this phone release it seems like they are trying to push it out the door so they can increase their stock prices by the time christmas sales start pouring in.

    I agree with Tom from above they definately failed in the mass marketing ad appeal campaign. They do however appeal to existing verizon customers complaining and whining about how bad the selection of phones are.

  • RMC

    Verizon is marketing this product correctly. It has been proven that you must initially target techies for such electronics and their chatter (hopefully praise) will build and create a buzz (refer to Malcolm Gladwell’s The tipping Point). I am sure most techies have done ample research on this phone already. Verizon has fulfilled the demand for an iphone with this product. Admittedly, I do not own one but online reviews have supported the idea that this could be considered an iphone competitor. I for one will wait a few weeks/months to get more consumer reviews but I will not wait until the supply dries up. Consider going long on Motorola and shorting BB and Palm, if you haven’t done so already.

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