New Windows Mobile ad takes aim at ridiculous iPhone apps

Now that they have their own Windows Mobile application store, dubbed Windows Marketplace for Mobile, it looks like Microsoft is taking an “open season” stance on Apple and their iPhone apps. A new promotional video from the Windows Mobile team has a couple engineers demonstrating handful of apps that Microsoft rejected from the Windows Marketplace. The video is funny because it’s not too hard to imagine some of the fake apps actually making onto the AppStore. There’s never any mention of the iPhone or the AppStore, but it’s clear what Microsoft is implying here.

Now, Microsoft might be thinking they got Apple good with this ad. But, we’re not so sure. The Microsoft clan is pretty fond of poking fun of Apple, but we think it usually works to Apple’s advantage. Case in point, every post related to this Windows Mobile ad is more than likely going to make mention of the iPhone, Apple and/or the AppStore. Some will probably even mention how the AppStore has gazillions of apps and the iPhone is super popular. That’s all publicity for apple and the iPhone.

Rather than poking fun at the competition, Ballmer and Co. might do better focusing on bringing their wares up to speed. Windows Mobile 6.5 is starting to look like it was released before it was fully polished and Windows Mobile 7 is about a year off (which is like “forever” in the mobile world). All the while, the iPhone, Android and webOS are picking up steam.

But, that’s not to say the video spoof isn’t totally on point or hilarious. Give it a look!

  • julienl

    Nice diversion ^^.

  • Buck

    This is aimed at developers. If you follow it to the YouTube page it comes from it is one of many aimed at developers.

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