HTC releases HTC Hero kernel – Let the Hero mods begin!

icon_settingOne of the biggest problems that HTC Hero modders have been coming up against in their quest to create the perfect Hero ROM has been the lack of an available open-source kernel. Without access to the full kernel, there’s only so much that can be hacked/modded. Today, that all changes. HTC has themselves posted up the full HTC Hero kernel (the operating system that runs the Hero) for any developer looking to tweak their own ROM for the Hero.

The release of the Hero kernel should allow the code-monkeys at XDA forums to make more far-reaching modifications to the Hero’s ROM. That means we may soon see the Hero getting more features, more customization (streamlining the Hero’s Sense-based UI) and possibly even more speed through tweaked ROMs. Android devs can get their hands on the HTC Hero kernel – not to mention the HTC Magic, HTC ADP1 and HTC Dream – from HTC’s developer center.

It’s probably only a matter of time before we start seeing some hardcore modded Hero ROMs hitting XDA forums.

HTC Hero kernel

[Via: HTC]

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