Video: Nokia’s Ovi Store needs to fix the fundamentals

Folks of The Really Mobile Project wanted to show just how horrible experience Nokia’s Ovi Store provides. To illustrate their hassle in buying a Twitter client, they made a short video above. As you can see for yourself, something’s fundamentally wrong with the Ovi Store. I’ve no doubts the issues raised will be fixed in time, but in the meantime saying “it sucks” is an understatement…

[Via: Gizmodo]

  • blaah

    Just used my phone to access Ovi Store… once opened I clicked search and searched for twitter and vóila, 1st result is Gravity. Clicked it, clicked Buy and stopped there as dont want to buy it right now

    Anyway, that video is full of just plain incorrect information and should be ignored as idiotic attempt to diss ovi store, from a iphone fan boy I assume

    • Ben Smith

      So you didn’t purchase?

      …and you didn’t use customer support?

      …and you think your one search is more representative than the many people we spoke to (including Nokia’s own employees privately) who’ve had problems.

      …and your one search is also representative of when Gravity was dropped from the catalogue for a while and took days to get returned (acknowledged by Nokia publicly, by the way).

      OK. Sure.

      And before you accuse us of bias, why don’t you look at our site and see the fair and balanced coverage we give all the manufacturers.

      The Really Mobile Project

  • Mike

    OVI Store is complete crap.

    Apple have won this race and nobody is going to catch them!

  • RubberBoots

    I can assure you developers and publishers are as frustrated with OVI as end-users.

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