Wolfenstein 3D for iPhone gets a Platinum update: Spear of Destiny levels and custom maps support!

Wolfenstein 3D for iPhone gets a Platinum update

Existing owners of the Wolfenstein 3D for iPhone, here’s a piece of good news for you. An updated version of the first person shooter classic for your favorite handset/iPod Touch has been released. Included in the mix are Spear of Destiny levels – 21 new maps, five new bosses and a new enemy type – ghosts. In addition — and this is where it gets really cool — now you can create and download custom-made maps, just like you could do it in a computer version of the game!

iD Software has set a special page explaining how to use all those custom maps, which you can check out from this link.

The price of the game remains unchanged and it’s $1.99 (AppStore link), quite a bargain considering you’ll get hours of entertainment for those two bucks. šŸ˜‰

[Via: PocketGamer.co.uk]

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