New HTC HD2 screenshots show off cool features

7With the HTC HD2 set to go official in a matter of days, we can almost taste its massive 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen and 1Ghz Snapdragon processor. HTC’s latest Windows Mobile phone isn’t going to appeal to everyone, but for fans of Windows Mobile 6.5, the HD2 is as good as it gets. And, it looks like the HD2 will launch with some cool features. New screenshots show the HD2 getting down with multi-touch, compass mode, MP3 editing, WiFi router (routing?), car-kit mode and video playback at 1.7Mbps!

The HD2’s capacitive touchscreen makes multi-touch possible, and we’re glad to see pinch/stretch zooming in Acrobat PDF reader. HTC has also loaded a ringtone maker onto the handset, allowing the user to edit their favorite MP3 into a ringtone. And, there’s a “WiFi Router” mode that allows you to share the HD2’s 3G data connection with WiFi-enabled devices around you.

As for video playback at 1.7Mbps, it’ll go a long way to give help the HD2 realize its full potential as a multimedia monster. High-quality video usually hints at hardware video-acceleration, so that’s another plus. Unfortunately, we’ll be stuck watching said video on the ancient-looking Windows Media Player.

Check out our HTC HD2 hands-on coverage here, and make sure to check back on November 4th!

[Via: WMPowerUser and]

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