Android-Powered LG Eve Makes Debut Rogers’ Website


Looking for a little more Android love north of the border? What if I told you Rogers has tossed the Android-powered LG Eve up on their website? Would that interest you? Well guess what partner, that’s exactly what is going down.

The LG Eve joins the HTC Magic and Dream as the third Android-powered device on the Rogers network. It packs the sexy S-Class UI, 3″ 480×320 touchscreen, 5MP camera with video and autofocus, an awesome photo gallery and media editor, slide-out 5-line QWERTY keyboard, GPS, WiFi, accelerometer and more. You’ll also get a 2GB memory card in the box, with expansion to 16GB available (microSD).

At the moment the Rogers website lists the Eve as ‘out-of-stock’, but expect that to change real soon. Pricing starts at $49.99 on a 3-year term, $299.99 on the 2-year, $349.99 on a 1-year, and month-to-month is $349.99 as well. If you’d rather pick up the device only, be prepared to hand over $399.99.

For more info, hit up Rogers.

[Via: MobileSyrup]

UPDATE: Official announcement can be found here!

  • Ahmed Eltawil

    For God’s sake stop making Android phones with less than 3.5″ screens! It’s a touchscreen phone, which means people want a large screen! I used the HTC Magic which has a 3.2″ screen and I had to return it because of how small the screen was especially for an Android phone.

  • spriggers

    Only reason I’m letting the screen size slide is what looks to maybe be the best keyboard on an Android device I’ve seen. But yeah. Would have loved a 3.5″ screen or so. 3″ is on the small side. I might just get this though for the keyboard and price. I’d throw Sense UI on there, throw up some widgets, and be a happy camper.

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