Apple App Store Crosses 100,000 App Threshold


Apple has just announced a milestone of sorts. 100,000 apps are now available in the App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch. 15,000 of which are fart apps (kidding).

“The App Store, now with over 100,000 applications available, is clearly a major differentiator for millions of iPhone and iPod touch customers around the world,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “The iPhone SDK created the first great platform for mobile applications and our customers are loving all of the amazing apps our developers are creating.”

While many developers complain about a frustrating submission and inclusion process, and others simply complain about the lack of quality overall (crappy free apps)… there’s no disputing that the App Store is the ‘place to be’ for developers looking to make some coin.

In the months and years ahead, I’m REALLY looking forward to see what happens on the whole ‘App Store’ scene. Me thinks the Apple App Store and Google Android Market are going to tangle toe-to-toe. With Android’s rapidly growing developer base, not to mention the proliferation of Android devices in the second half of 2009… Apple and Google are no doubt gearing up for a fierce battle in 2010. Can I get a seconder?


  • Mace

    “…there’s no disputing that the App Store is the ‘place to be’ for developers looking to make some coin.”

    Actually, NOT. The huge amount of apps in Apple store does not make it more attractive to the developers, on the contrary.

    It is a simple law of supply and demand .The most attractive store to make money is the one that has least amount of supply (applications) compared to the demand (users who would like to buy something).

    Let’s take an example. For iPhone, the ratio could be something like 1e5/1e7, i.e. 1/100. For Ovi store, the ratio could be something like 1e4/1e8, i.e. 1/10000.

    So, you should in principle earn 100 times more money when you put your application to Ovi instead of Apple Store.

    To put even more simply, if you would sell apples (!) on market square, which scenario you would prefer: A) there are 10 other apple salesmen and 1000 customers, or B) there are 100 other apple salesmen and 10 customers.

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