Google Maps for BlackBerry Goes to Version 3.2.1

google-maps-blackberry-stormGoogle Maps for BlackBerry has been updated, and as per usual, the folks on the Google Campus have personally let me down by not providing a changelog 😛 Let’s face it, I’d like to know what’s new before I actually pop open the app, am I the only one that feels this way? Me thinks not.

In the 3.2 update we noticed ‘layers’ functionality added to the app. A feature which allowed us to view all kinds of information on the map at one time. Turn layers on and off depending on the info you want to display on your map… View Wikipedia entries, transit lines, Google Latitude, and much more. It’s fun to explore this feature.

At any rate, the latest version brings us up to 3.2.1, and there’s no doubt the usual smattering of bug fixes and tweaks inside.

To grab your copy or to upgrade, hit up from your device. Enjoy!

[Via: BerryReview]

  • Brian

    I used to hook up my bluetooth gps to v3.0.2 but v3.2.1 seems to not use the gps – only the cell triangulation (lame). Anyone know how to force this to work?

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