Rumor: Next generation iPhone to be RFID enabled

Chalk this one up as a highly suspicious piece of information, but Einar Rosenberg, who is in charge of the Near Field Communications group on LinkedIn, a social network no one really uses anymore except those trying to find a higher paying job and to show off which fancy schools or companies they’ve worked for, is saying that a highly reputable source has told him that there are 4th generation iPhone prototypes floating around with a built in RFID reader:

Had to share this news. A highly reliable source has informed me that Apple has built some prototypes of the next gen iPhone with an RFID reader built in and they have seen it in action. So its not full NFC but its a start for real service discovery and I’m told that the reaction was very positive that we can expect this in the next gen iPhone.

If Apple does it, expect every phone manufacturer and their sister to begin pumping out NFC enabled phones, at least for service discovery and sync.

This just reinforces what we knew based on the two separate patents Apple submitted that had the iPhone enabled to read RFID tags. I’m told that the touch project video and the BT SIG’s specs were all driving forces to push this forward as well as other factors.

Guess I’ll be touching my iPhone to my Mac to link them together to sync iTunes by next year.

This is ballsy, and if it does happen … well then you’re looking at the start of something big. Apple was the one who pushed the rest of the handset makers to start making touch screen devices en masse, so if the 4th generation iPhone due to come out some time in 2010 comes with RFID then you can expect everyone else to follow.

iPhone + RFID + all those devices connected to an iTunes account = wicked awesome.

[Via: Near Field Communications World]

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  • Mace

    Yeah, big deal, Nokia demonstrate RFID phone already in 2004. And you can buy right now Nokia 6131 which has RFID.

    Apple has patent in this, oh I forgot that Apple does not respect Nokia’s patents.

    • Chris P

      Yeah Mace, but what have they actually done with this?? Nothing. No deals with Visa, no deals with say the underground trains (that use RFID). It will take apple to implement it then Nokia to follow. Why are Nokia so damn sluggish!

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