Deal Alert: $99 Motorola Droid, FREE HTC Droid Eris from


If you’ve been resisting the urge to run out and buy a Motorola Droid at a Verizon Wireless store, we’ve got some good news for you. is rewarding your patience with a seriously hot deal on a brand new Droid. How hot, you ask? Wirefly is offering the Droid for $99.99 with new 2-year contract (or contract extension). They also have the HTC Droid Eris on deck for FREE, if the HTC Sense UI is more your style.

For about $100, will ship a newly activated Droid to your door. There’s no mail-in rebate to deal with and FedEx shipping is included, free of charge. The promotional ad makes it look like the $100 Droid requires new activation on Verizon’s $59.99 monthly rate plan, so we went through the checkout process with Verizon’s lowest-tier $39.99/month rate plan selected. We stopped short of processing payment information, but everything looked good to go with the cheaper rate plan.

The FREE HTC Droid Eris offer seems to be more limited. You’ll have to have an existing Verizon Wireless account and be willing to extend your contract for another two years. And, it seems the contract extension only applies to rate plans of $59.99 or more. On the upside, shipping is free via FedEx.

If you can wait a couple days for your new Droid hardware, you’re going to have a hard time beating these two deals.

$100 Motorola Droid
FREE HTC Droid Eris

  • bob

    hmmm.. looks like the droid is $149.99 for my zipcode… did they change the price or is the $99.99 price only for select areas?

  • jones

    If I go into wirefly myself, then it comes up $150. If I use your link, then it’s $100. Good enough.. but the problem I see.. someone please correct me if I’m wrong… it looks like the 450min w/ unlimited data plan is $80 through them, but $70 through VZW directly… which means you’d end up paying a lot more over the course of the plan. Am I missing something?

  • joe

    What zip code was used? I only can only get it for $149.99. I tried 08540 (Princeton, NJ), 60504 (Aurora, IL), and 98195 (Seattle, WA).

  • jones

    I was able to get $100 by using the author’s link, then clicking “change zip”… and it stayed at the $100 price.

  • jones

    .. but it looks like their basic plan is $10/mo more than going through VZW directly.

  • x

    How do you get the Droid Eris for free, without changing your current plan?

  • Mike P

    I don’t see higher plans in comparison but it looks like a friends and family website. That is where the $49 comes from.
    Good deal if you ask me.

  • X

    The Droid Eris was free. I just looked now and it is $29.99.

  • jerry

    At the moment, when I follow your link, I get $129 for the phone — which is fantastic though not $99.

    My concern is I can’t figure out what their return policy is. Is it 30 days, full refund (except for standard monthly charge), or something different.

    The link you give is also bothersome since their website is apparently so crappy as to leak/share your shopping cart with two items in it and zip code.

  • jones

    Allrighty then.. thanks everyone. I’ll remember to avoid this POS web site in future.

  • smith

    I would never give up my iPhone, but the Droid’s pretty cool

  • mansart

    I get $129.99 when I follow your link and $149.99 if I go to the site directly. Oh well, I already ordered the Droid for $149.99 from, (which is also “powered by Simplexity” and has a virtually identical interface).

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