iPhone app business on sale on eBay

iPhone app business on sale on eBay

Just caught the press release, so I’m not sure this is still valid, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

The Texas-based developer Brice Milliorn is selling its company called JBMJBM on eBay. What’s interesting about it is that the company makes iPhone apps, and 87 apps are included in the offering. Starting bid is $100,000 and we’re eager to see how up can this go.

Among the applications potential buyer will get are Friday Night Lights, iSpy Game, iReferee, iSexyRef, iSexyRef2, Pro Rodeo Fan, Sit Up Counter, Shake 2 Count, plus several College sports apps.

Commenting on the move to sell its business, Brice said he’s doing so to spend some time with his family. And in case you’re wondering, he has sold over 30,000 applications so far. eBay listing is here.

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