Light Racer 3D for Android

TGIF, right? Because it’s Friday I feel like covering a little more game action than usual. Just happened to check out a game from Battery Powered Games called ‘Light Racer 3D’ for Android. It has gone to version 1.2, and is a lot of fun…

There’s a definite TRON flavor to this one, as the object is to race your motorcycle to the death against an opponent in a 3D arena. Hem your opponent in to your ‘light rays’ left behind as you travel around the board… But there’s more to watch out for than just that. There are obstacles, walls and more that you’ll need to evade. Who can last the longest without crashing? That’s the whole idea for this one.

I think the video above explains it all, really. If you’re intrigued, hit up the Android Market for all the details.

[Via: AndroidTapp]

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