Apple looking to start making their own iPhone games?

Apple is looking to hire a “Game/Media Software Engineer” with “3-4 years of video game development experience” that has “shipped at least one AAA title” according to a job listing discovered by AppleInsider. Is this a sign that Apple is looking at becoming a first party developer? Maybe, maybe not. In all likelihood the fruity west coast company is simple looking to bundle a decent game with their device so customers will be more willing to check out the App Store for more titles. That or the company is looking for someone who understands that game development is all about providing an immersive experience for the user and people who possess that talent can use that ability to create a richer user interface. Whatever the answer is, we’ll find out soon enough. In a little over 7 months the new iPhone is coming!

Full text from the job listing below:

The interactive media group is looking for a skilled software engineer who wants to work as part of a small highly motivated team to work on interactive multimedia experiences on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The position on the team is to help design and implement interactive multimedia experiences on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The position also requires a creative thinker who can contribute and comment on the design process as well as being flexible enough to aid in all aspects of production such as asset management and able to work to a deadline.

Looking for skilled engineer with the following background:

  • Strong C / C++ / Objective-C / iPhone background preferred
  • 3-4 years of video game development experience, shipped at least one AAA title
  • Passionate gamer
  • Skills in audio systems, graphics pipeline, and network programming a plus
  • Ability to work in small dynamic team
  • Daniel Perez

    Gaming on Apple’s iPhone & iPod Touch has absolutely exploded! The great thing about the gaming scene on their platform is the games are getting really good, to a point that I find myself gaming more frequently on my iPhone rather than my home consoles… even when I’m home! I am interested to see what Apple has up their sleeve for this position. Hopefully this can continue the going trend of the iPhone / iPod Touch being a formidable gaming platform, and possibly helping the Apple Mac to be a more serious gaming platform.

  • Nicolas

    Apple a game developer? Oh please! They don’t do content, they only create platforms.

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