AT&T ‘Sets the Record Straight’ on Verizon’s 3G coverage map ads

att-logoVerizon isn’t backing off its advertising push to point out the inadequacies in AT&T’s 3G coverage. Despite AT&T’s lawsuit seeking to stop Verizon’s allegedly misleading ads, Verizon continues to release new commercials that poke fun at AT&T. In response, AT&T has released a statement that they hope “sets the record straight on Verizon ads.”

In the statement, AT&T points out that their 3G network coverage 233 million US residents – about 75% of all Americans. When combined with AT&T’s 2G EDGE network, the carrier boasts 97% coverage in the US. AT&T continues to explain that customers can surf the web and use wireless data services on both the 3G and 2G EDGE networks, contradicting Verizon’s allusions that a 3G network is required to surf the web.

One thing that Verizon doesn’t mention, is that AT&T’s 3G network allows simultaneous data and voice services. Verizon Wireless can’t make that claim. AT&T customers can hop on a voice call while checking their email or surfing, while Verizon customers will have to choose between voice or data. AT&T also notes that they have the iPhone on their network. So there.

[Via: AT&T]

  • Steve

    ATT’s claims are not accurate. I’ve often surfed the web while on calls using the Motorola Droid on Verizon’s network.

    • Wilma

      > I’ve often surfed the web while on calls using the
      > Motorola Droid on Verizon’s network.

      That’s odd. Even Verizon has stated that’s impossible.

      You somehow got a special, magic Droid. Take it back to the place you purchased it… and show them “voice and data simultaneously”. (They will straighten you out.)

      • Will Park

        I didn’t realize there was a “Wilma” at IntoMobile 🙂

      • Steve

        Perhaps it was connected to wifi at those time although I have generally kept wifi turned off. I didn’t realize trolls were experts on magic phones.

  • Jill

    None of the things AT&T is stating… is *EVER* mentioned in any Verizon commercial.

    How can AT&T possibly win any lawsuit?

    Won’t AT&T have to show/prove in court… that Verizon is making claims… that have never been made?

  • Mike

    Sounds like a classic case of….My dad is bigger than your dad!!!

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