BlackBerry Internet Service Down for the Count? BIS Outages Reported Worldwide…


It’s not fun times this evening if you’re on the BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) this evening/morning. Multiple reports of BIS outages from around the world are coming in left right and center. At this time it’s not quite clear what is going on, but all I can tell you is this one looks like a large outage. No specific carrier seems to be in trouble… this one could be a biggie.

So, what do you do at times like this? For me, I’m going to hop into bed… Wake up, and no doubt service will be restored (at least I certainly HOPE so!). Put down the BlackBerry… c’mon… you can do it… Put it down. There. Don’t you feel better now? 🙂

Will update you all when I return to my office in the morning. Like I said, this outage is looking like a biggie, but hopefully service is restored ASAP.

[Via: BGR]

  • David McCormack

    Although I’m a loyal BlackBerry user, this type of outage illustrates one of the big weaknesses with what RIM like to call the BlackBerry infrastructure: it’s a single point of failure.

  • Steve

    Seems to still be down here in Miami. What an annoyance oh well we can’t always be bound to technology.

  • Emmanuel HErnandez

    Still down here in Mexico.
    My carrier is Telcel.

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