Droid Does… pretty damn well in it’s first week

motorola-droid-intomobileDroid Does. That’s the slogan that Verizon’s ad campaigns for the Motorola Droid have been hammering into our heads for the past several weeks. With $100 million reportedly invested into the marketing push to turn struggling Motorola’s Droid the de facto alternative to the iPhone 3GS, Verizon and Motorola are betting big on the new Android phone. Turns out, the Motorola Droid did damn well in its first week of sales. A new report estimates Droid sales hitting 250,000 during its launch week!

The analytics gurus at Flurry track over 10,000 iPhone and Android apps, which Flurry says gives it an eye into usage patterns for two out of every three iPhones on the planet. They used that data to estimate that a quarter million Droid handsets made their way into customer pockets this past week. Thanks to the power of a $100 million advertising campaign, Verizon’s 90 million-strong subscriber network and a far-reaching 3G network, Flurry says the Droid is the “fastest-selling Android phone to date.”


Droid nay-sayers will be quick to point out that Apple pushed out 1.6 million iPhone 3GS units in the first week of sales, but it would be good to remember that Apple launched the iPhone 3GS in eight countries around the world. There were also 27 million installed iPhone users around the world pushing the iPhone 3GS on their friends. The Droid obviously can’t live up to the iPhone’s numbers, but 250,000 handsets sold in the first week is still an impressive number.

It’s not going to stop there either. The Droid may be the most visible Android handset of late, but there are some incredible Android offerings coming down the pipeline in the near future.

[Via: Flurry]

  • Kevin

    That’s a similar number to the first iPhone model’s launch week.

    And the iPhone had the advantage of six months’ worth of hype, people waiting to upgrade phones, and a built-in buyer crowd of Apple fans.

  • james hartling

    i love my new motorola droid this is truely a great great phone. i gave my wife my iphone.

  • John Coryat

    I’m an Android developer and our primary application, “Radar Now!” saw a 5 fold increase in downloads this past week, most must be due to the Droid phenomena.

    Keep ’em coming Verizon!

    • I Hate the Droid (POS)

      The Droid sucks cock, I had the thing for a 3 hours the peice of shit stopped working. I hate you dumb verizon idoits, especially the droid devoloper good job!

      D -umass
      R -iding

  • interesting

    Great to hear the the droid is doing damn good, but i hate the android market! Google do something about it!

  • Lujens Goring

    Iam about to buy a new smart phone, I had an Iphone but didnt like the out of country service particularly in Germany. Does any one have any sugestions?

  • nico

    After terrible iPhone connection with. Att ….dropped calls,terrible phone call quality. Decided to try Verizon and the Droid….it has been fantastic!
    CELL phone call quality is excellent….hey after all they should be CELL PHONES to make calls first and and foremost….not worry about apps…

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