AT&T spends money making a terrible commercial insulting Verizon rather than improving their network

AT&T made the commercial below to get back at Verizon Wireless for airing commercials that point out AT&T’s lacking 3G coverage. Not only is AT&T’s commercial stupid, but the money they spent hiring some actor who has a rather familiar face, sadly his name escapes me at the moment, plus production costs, could have instead been poured into something more useful such as improving the actual network Verizon is mocking. Don’t forget to add the court fees as well. AT&T is acting like a silly little teenage bitch, almost as bad as that (ultra potty word removed) from “My Super Sweet 16” who said her mother ruined her life by buying her a Lexus.

  • Don Louie

    Owen Wilson is the actor

    • Jay

      It’s actually Luke Wilson.

  • BigLinuxGuy

    Dude, they’re creating jobs to stimulate the economy. 🙂

    Do you think they’ve stopped working on their network just to film a silly commercial? This is just part of the pre-holiday sales pissing contest. Get used to it. 🙂

  • iamclayscholes

    it’s actually Luke Wilson. 😉

    AT&T’s network is awful. i’m sad that i’m locked into a 2 year contract.
    Anyone want to donate the cancellation fee?

  • jj

    I actually like the commercial. and At&t is pretty good… verizon pays ppl to spread hate against at&t… I mean if a network has close to 83 million customers i don’t think their network is that bad.. and the verizon map is just their coverage map, verizon doesn’t even use 3G I unlock the blackberry storm didn’t even attach itself to 3G just 2.5…verizon is just spreading lies and the ETF now $350? are you serious? I’ll stick with At&T…

    • Kevin

      Guy you realize that it is AT&T’s network that set the limitation on that storm you were using. Buying a Verizon phne and using it on a worse network is pointless. And yes Verizon has had “3G” since Sprint launched their’s (the first two companies to launch it. Dumb people like yourself should stay with AT&T.

      • Surferboy

        ok to everyone out there at&t dose have great service and i am a proud owener of a iphone i love it and i love the service, and 3G is great idk what the crap everyone is talking about, it being crapy lies just lies, Verizon is spreading lies, dount be like them and yes the commercial was funny 😛

  • iamclayscholes

    AT&T’s “3G” is a joke. I use a Nokia N86 from the UK [therefore Edge only in the US] and it runs just as fast as my AT&T “3G” E71x.

    it’s pathetic.

  • sweetpea

    is that “Will”? What a stupid commerical! He starts out saying…”I know, I’m Will”…uh good dude, you know your name. Nobody else knows who you are even though you claim to be a big star! Really a stupid commercial.

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