IntoMobile’s Holiday Giveaway Blowout… Coming Soon


The holidays are upon us, and you know what that means. It’s time to gift of free stuff in the IntoMobile Holiday Giveaway Blowout!

In the spirit of said holidays, IntoMobile is giving away a veritable closet full of mobile-related gifts this month. We’ve been stockpiling everything from cellphone cases to Bluetooth headsets to smartphones for months now, and we’re happy to say it’s almost time to do some holiday-cleaning. Things will be kicking off on December 7th, so mark your calendars!

The Gift Giveaway will be open to all US residents. We’ll be posting more details on how to enter the Gift Giveaway contest, what we’re giving away, and how we’re going to pick the winners next week. Stay tuned to this post and the IntoMobile front page.

  • manu

    WHY US ONLY!!??

  • octavia obannon

    I would like the zagg invisible shield for the iphone 3g.

  • octavia obannon

    I want the miLi power pack for the iphone.

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