Quick Review: Grinchmas for iPhone/iPod touch


You might have seen my post about the release of two new Grinch games for the iPhone/iPod touch – but how do they play? Well, let me enlighten you about the first one, ‘Grinchmas’!

Game type 1: snowballing fun at night!

Game type 1: snowballing fun at night!

There are two variants of one game in Grinchmas – you can be a nice Grinch, or a nasty one. If you are nice, you have to throw coloured presents, to match the colour of the houses nearby – if you are nasty then you just end up pelting noisy houses with snowballs, during the night! That’s basically it on the explanation front – this isn’t meant to take up 6 months of your life with intricate storylines, it’s just a good, quick, blast of fun – ‘casual gaming’, as I would call it.


Game type 2: hit the right house with coloured present!

The mechanism for throwing and aiming is the direction and speed of your swipe across screen – and actually this adds a nice degree of difficulty to the game. I found with snowballing, that repeated fast swiping gives you a snowball machine gun which works well (!), but landing the right colour of present on the appropriate houses is a lot harder. As I said, a nice grading of difficulty.

Overall, I’d say if you are in the market for some seasonal casual gaming that’s good fun – and you like the Grinch – you probably can’t go far wrong with this!

For more information on the products and direct links to the App store, you can visit www.oceanhousemedia.com/products.

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