Pack Your Bags, Kayak for iPhone Just Got Better

kayak-iphoneAdmit it, everyone knows someone that’s addicted to Kayak. You know the type – always checking Kayak for random good deals on flights, spending more time overseas than you have in vacation time, and a well-worn passport filled with customs stamps. Next time you see this person, do them a favor and show them Kayak’s new iPhone app. It’s faster and easier to use than the original app and packs most of Kayak’s best online features into a handy package.

For most people, the free Kayak iPhone app will suffice. The premium version of the app costs $3.99 on the AppStore and allows you to search for business and first class flights. Or, as Kayak puts it, if “you fly first class and business class. You are really rich. It’s 4 lousy bucks. Seriously, come on.”

Kayak (FREE) [iTunes link]
Kayak First Class ($3.99) [iTunes link]

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