Nextel’s Opus One iDEN Android Phone Stolen and Video’d!

It looks like Motorola (NYSE: MOT) really does have an iDEN-based Android phone in the works for Sprint (NYSE: S)’s Nextel network. Following on a leaked image of the device codenamed “Opus One,” we’ve stumbled upon a new set of hands-on videos that shows off Nextel’s upcoming Android phone in some detail – as much detail as the blur-tasticly choppy video work allows. YouTube user jay84305 apparently snatched the unreleased Android phone off the street somewhere in Florida’s South Beach and posted a trio of videos today, walking us through the Opus One’s push-to-talk features, video camera, Android apps, and other details in the kind of broken, slang-punctuated English befitting someone that would steal a phone from right underneath the owner’s nose.

Here’s what we know about the Motorola Opus One Android phone:

  • It’s headed to Nextel (and possibly Boost Mobile)
  • It runs Android 1.5 OS (Cupcake)
  • It sports the “p1_opusone” model name under its battery cover.

From the looks of it, the Opus One seems to be every bit as capable an Android phone as we’ve seen for GSM and CDMA networks. It’s running Android 1.5 in the video, but it’s possible that we’ll see the Opus One launching with Android 2.0 or Android 2.1 sometime next year.

The kicker in this tale of a stolen unreleased Android smartphone is jay84305’s claim that he swiped the phone after some Motorola or Sprint employee dropped it next to their car. He says he “almost gave it back” but didn’t because the owner apparently looked like an “asshole.” At least he “[hopes] you don’t get fired.” The best part comes at 4:20 in video #2, when he says he doesn’t know what we really want to know about the phone because “it’s just a regular phone.” That and Jay’s “fuck you” shout out to Miami Police Officer M. Hernandez. Classic.

The YouTube videos have apparently been taken down. We managed to snag them before they were nixed. We’ve also added another video to the list. Enjoy!

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

Hat tip to @yeswap

  • keezy

    This phone is sick boost should get it I will end my tmobile and sprint contracts

  • jay84305

    yo. if i get locked up for them videos i hope ya gonna bond me out. lol. oh well it’s not my fault someone snatched the videos before i tooked them off. but ima put some new one up. this weekend.

  • physco219

    Can you say marketing ploy? Yep thats all this is.

  • popo341

    I would like to see this as a hybrid CDMA/iDen. That would make it an awesome phone. Having Sprint data and cell coverage and iDen ptt. That would be complete.

  • G-Z

    eyo dats was gud boost mobile need to come out wit that. b-cuz it will b in my pocket fuck every other boost mobile phone this shit is offishal. BOOST MOBILE GET DAT!!!!!!

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