Stella Artois joins the iPhone race with Le Bar Guide, augmented reality application

Stella Artois iPhone app

World famous Belgian beer, Stella Artois, now has its iPhone app. It’s called Le Bar Guide and it’s designed to help beer connoisseurs “locate a perfectly poured Chalice of the world’s best-selling Belgian beer.”

The free application is initially available for the U.S. beer lovers only, but the version which database will include bars outside of the U.S. is in the works as we speak. What’s significant about Le Bar Guide is that it uses the “power of augmented reality” to show where you can grab Stella Artois. Simply start the application and follow arrows on the screen to locate a bar with the famous Belgian beer – it’s that easy, although you’ll be able to use it like that only if you have an iPhone 3GS.

In addition, the application also comes with user-generated content features, allowing rating of bars according to “Le menu,” “Le dance,” “La clientele” and “Le service.” Plus there’s the “Le taxi” feature which helps you find your way back home, if you know what I mean. :)

Enough said. I like Stella Artois’ approach for providing actually fun experience to its iPhone-ownin’ fans. AppStore link is here.

  • Rochefort

    the stella app is definitely hot.

    i just tried the Belgian Beer App (also for iPhone) – very nicely designed, great resource on everything belgian beer. it seems everyone loves belgian beer these days! :-)

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