Fix your Motorola DROID’s battery cover, the ‘sticker’ method

motorola-droid-battery-cover-sticker-band-aid-fixAfter a few minutes with the Motorola DROID, it becomes painfully obvious that the slip-on battery cover wasn’t exactly one of the priorities for the design team responsible. Pulling the phone out of a pocket sans battery cover is just something DROID owners have to deal with on occasion. So, what’s Verizon doing about the problem? Well, from what we’re hearing, if you should take your DROID to a Verizon store and complain, they’ll “fix” the handset with a “Verizon Wireless” sticker. No joke.

The “fix” was posted by Flickr user Anticitizen after he ventured into a Verizon store to find out if there was an official solution to the battery door problem. Turns out, all his DROID needed was a little TLC and a band-aid.

If you ask us, we’d rather fish an errant battery cover out of our pockets than pick pocket lint out from under the edges of the sticker on the daily.

[Via: AndroidCentral]

  • Stephen J

    Call Motorola tech support. They will send you a new battery cover. Mine was free of charge. I had lost mine, I’m not sure if that matters for the free replacement.

  • Kevin

    This article is a day late and at least two solutions short.

    Either get a free replacement cover, or bend its tab so it latches better.

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