Opera: State of the Mobile Web November 2009: 41.7 million users viewed 18.8 billion pages

Opera, the browser vendor based in Norway, has released their latest “State of the Mobile Web” report, based on Opera Mini usage. The top 10 countries using Opera Mini are: Russia, Indonesia, India, China, Ukraine, South Africa, United States, United Kingdom, Vietnam and Poland. In November 2009 Opera Mini had 41.7 million users who viewed 18.8 billion pages and consumed 271.8 terabytes of data. That’s up 5.3%, 9.5% and 8.3% compared to last month, and up 154%, 231% and 213% compared to November 2008. If you crunch the numbers then you discover that the average Opera Mini user viewed 15 web pages everyday during the 30 days of November. This month’s report features facts and figures from the top 10 countries in Africa: South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt, Ghana, Libya, Ivory Coast, Zambia, Tanzania, and Namibia. In six of those countries Facebook is the most visited website. Nokia and Sony Ericsson handsets dominate the region, except for South Africa where Samsung is in the lead.

Some interesting facts about North America: this is the first month that Amazon.com had made it to the top 10 most visited sites, meaning mobile online shopping may actually be picking up. The device that is using Opera Mini the most in NAM is the BlackBerry 8330, and out of the top 10 devices accessing Opera Mini during November 2009, 6 of them were made by RIM. Since November 2008 the number of users has gone up 103.3%, and data consumed has increased by 232.6%! It’s a shame Apple doesn’t let people like Opera make their browser available on the iPhone. AT&T could benefit from all those iPhone users using less data.

Click here to read more if you’re into these kinds of statistics.

  • Mace

    Opera is the best, the user experience beats even iPhone and N900 native browsers any time (except Flash content for the latter).

    BTW, I use Opera Mini RSS feed in my N95 8GB. For some reason, it is not able to show all the IntoMobile articles any more, for example this article. It shows the headlines correctly, but when I click for content, it shows only the “Leave the comment” field and some other overhead. I think something has changed in IntoMobile page format and Mini is not able to parse it correctly (of course, Mini can not have bugs..)

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      yea something about opera mini and intomobile doesn’t jive well. we’re looking to fix that.

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