Rumored ‘Palm Pre Plus’ Spotted in WiFi Certification Database?


If nothing would make you happier than a Palm Pre or Pixi on Verizon, keep reading. First we heard about some webOS training for Verizon staffers. Next, we learned that said training was most probably conducted on a new model, the Palm Pre Plus. I’m still a little foggy on what will be different about the ‘Plus’, but it may just be that the ‘Palm Pre Plus’ is the Verizon-branded version of the Pre. Nothing more, and nothing less.

With that fresh in your mind, Engadget has found a Palm model number in the WiFi Certification Database, namely the Palm P101EWW. Could this be the Palm Pre Plus we’ve been hearing about? Could it be that the Palm Pre is coming to Verizon in the new year? Oh boy, it’s shaping up to be an interesting first half of 2010, is it not?

Note: On a ‘Pixi’ note, the FCC approved the CDMA version of the Pixi some time ago, leaving the door open for Verizon to pick up the Pre’s little sibling as well.

  • jerry

    I returned my Palm Pre because the keyboard was terrible and nothing about Palm’s historic behavior demonstrated any reason to believe in Palm supporting the phone in the future — all Treos had one and only one firmware update and then users were forced/told to buy a new Treo.

    I would love a Palm Pre Plus with a better keyboard and some other issues addressed.

    That said, no way I would ever buy anything from Verizon.

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