Apple’s ‘iSlate’ Tablet Specs Leaked?

Apple-Tablet-islate-mockupThe Nexus One might be on the tip of mobile industry’s tongue right now, but that hasn’t slowed the number of alleged Applet “iSlate” Tablet rumors coming to light. And, this latest Apple Tablet rumor is a doozy. The folks over at PhoneArena have gotten their hands on what purports to be a Apple internal documents that basically spells out the rumored iSlate’s specifications. The docs aren’t confirmed in any way at this point. But, if true, the not-yet-announced Apple iSlate will be a monster of a tablet.

The iSlate’s surprisingly impressive hardware specs are enough to tickle our geeky-bone, but there’s one specific spec that really gets our attention. According to the  supposed leaked documents, the iSlate will run something known as Mac OS X 10.7 Clouded Leopard. The new operating system is expected to be a touchscreen-friendly version of Mac OS X that uses a new widget-based homscreen. It’s not clear if Clouded Leopard will actually do any cloud computing.

As for the impressive specs we mentioned. Take a gander at Apple’s rumored specs for their tablet computer:

  • Precision aluminum unibody
  • 7.1-inch capacitive multi-touch touchscreen with some sort of “intelligent feedback” and an anti-fingerprint coating
  • 2.26Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor
  • 120GB hard drive
  • Built-in projector
  • Built-in iSight camera
  • 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • Mac OS X 10.7 Clouded Leopard

That’s one helluva spec-sheet, but there’s one big thing missing. There’s no mention of any 3G wireless connectivity. That’s a really important feature for a mobile device like the iSlate.

If any of this is true, we’ll have more information by Jan. 26th, when Apple is expected to make their tablet announcement.

[Via: PhoneArena]

  • Erik

    Really? Are you sure about the built in projector? Doesn’t seem like something Apple would do.

  • Pejmon H.

    Projector? I doubt that, we’re not that advanced yet for a high quality mobile projector, look at the LG eXpo, quality is so-so, it’s not like Apple to include such a developing innovation.

    I believe the 7.1″ screen, but the processor and ram are too high. Remember the iProd device discovery in the iPhone OS 3.1 configurations? It’s gotta be this baby and along with the other rumors of Apple asking developers to create apps for a larger screen, it’s a sure bet this’ll be an enlarged iPod touch. maybe max 1GB ram and 1.2 GHz processor.

    I really hope it wouldn’t be and rather a mini MacBook minus the keyboard, but I don’t think so.

    I hope to god I’m wrong…

  • pici

    I can believe in Intel Core Duo (especially if it is going to drive OS X 10.7), but I wonder how will be battery for such processor??

    • Will Park

      If this rumor is real, and that’s a big “if,” battery life will definitely be an issue!

    • dans

      Not a chance, how are they going to cool a 2.26Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo in 7″ slate?

      Never, thats how.

  • John Doe

    smokes and mirrrors…

    “built in projector”?

    That would take 5/8 minutes to drain the battery.

    There is as much of a leak as there is water in the Sun.

    Wake up people they’re filling in the picture place holder with a mockup and the text is as creative as the picture.

  • bob

    this cant be true, at least not all of it.

    ok a 7.1″ capacitive touchscreen with fingerprint-proof coating is possible but that is expensive and how exactly r they gna make it give intelligent feedback? on a phone, its easy the whole thing just vibrates but u dont hv to be holding a slate to use it. u can put it on a stand or table so does that mean the screen will vibrate when u touch it? making it even more expensive.

    not gna happen. the macbook air uses 1.86 or 2.13ghz cpu. so apple is gna put a better cpu in something smaller? or even if its thicker, thats the cpu u expect in a regular macbook.

    2gb ddr3 is possible and so is the 120gb hdd

    apple’s 1st? i dont think so. they wont hv enuf space cos apple likes making things thin and the battery wudnt be able to power the projector for long enuf. this probably proves that the list is made up and rather a guess based on specs other macbooks hv and additions that the person wud like to see.

    yes, possible. ipod nano has a cam, y shudnt this? dont expect good quality tho.

    wifi n and bluetooth2.1 edr… is likely since every macbook has those. and to the author 3g requires a contract by a carrier, so wats wrong with using ur phone? or do u want to pay more? also there isnt much of an advantage in including 3g since most of the time u wud want ur laptop to connect thru wifi anyway. a phone is more portable, so u wont/shudnt take something that wont fit in ur pocket wen ur going out.

    apple will redesign an os so that it is only suitable for 1 product? and they will call it cloud even tho u said u hvnt a clue whether it actually uses the cloud? itll run widgets on its “homscreen” (as u put it) which is something all apple devices seem to do right? now go back and think about all the changes they did to iphone 3g when they introduced 3gs. does os x 10.7 cloud seem likely to u now? no

    y dont ppl actually stop and think b4 they spread rumors on the web?

  • anonn

    @erik = FAIL


    Have you ever heard of a company called Microvision???? If apple has 1 meeting with them, that can make me carry 1 device instead of 3 (cord, projector, phone/tablet)

    • anonnn


      what sort of ‘device’ is that cord you speak of?

      • anonnnner than u

        ooooh aren’t we special today?

  • james braselton

    hi there you are right projectors are built in too cellphones like the lg expo check that cellphone out with projetor i want too see what apple tablet 2 has in store touch screen ssd or hybride sss/hdd projectors

  • Thijz

    Looks fantastic! Won’t buy it, but still its cool. Remarkable that they put a projector inside:)

    As for clouded leopard, I don’t think it has anything to do with clouds. As the clouded leopard is just as the leopard, snowleopard (and tiger) an existing animal, it’ll just be another name. Very rare anmimal btw, lives in Asia(at least at borneo).

    lol people comparing this with a phone, and finding it weared that the iSlate could dome up with their macbooks. HELLO! This is a computer! Not a phone!

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