Google and T-Mobile investigating Nexus One 3G reception issues

tmobile_logoIf your brand-new Google Nexus One, made by HTC, is having a hard time staying connected to T-Mobile’s 3G network, you’re not alone. Reports have been coming hard and fast from around the blogosphere that indicate Google’s new superphone is having problems with 3G reception – many a Nexus One user has been reporting network connections that fluctuate between 3G and 2G (EDGE) service, regardless of how strong the 3G signal. It turns out that there really is a problem, and T-Mobile has confirmed that they’re aware of the issue and is looking into the cause of the problem with Google’s help.

If you’re seeing strange fluctuations between 3G and 2G service on your T-Mobile handset, the carrier is asking that you report any 3G-related issues on their official Nexus One 3G issues forums thread. T-Mobile wants to know if you’re seeing any 3G connectivity at all, or if your 3G signal switches back and forth from 2G randomly. They’d also like to know if you have another 3G-compatible T-Mobile that does or does not get reliable 3G in the same location.

Hopefully, with the help of T-Mobile customers who are experience wacky 3G service, T-Mobile and Google will be able to fix the Nexus One’s 3G reception issues.

T-Mobile’s Nexus One 3G service thread

[Via: I4U]

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