Google Mobile App for BlackBerry Now Searches Messages and Contacts


Google has added an impressive new feature in their mobile search application for BlackBerry. Now when you’re typing or speaking a query, it will scan the local address book and messages with the click of a button. For the address book, this is actually a bit more cumbersome than the native capabilities, which launches into calling/e-mail options as soon as you start typing a contact’s name from the home screen. The e-mail search is a little bit more convenient, but even then, you can launch a search from the native Messages app by hitting S, as opposed to launching the Google app, typing a query, and switching from web to local results.

Anyway, it’s an interesting idea, and I look forward to when the Google app can search all of the on-device apps (Calendar, Media, etc.) as well as cloud-based Google equivalents in the same query.

[via Official Google Mobile Application]

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