Rogers Customers Eligible to Upgrade to Anything After 2 Years

Rogers is revamping their hardware upgrade program so that if you’ve had a contract for two years, you can upgrade as if you were a new customer to any new handset (complete with subsidies if you’re willing to take a contract extension). That two-year point can be pushed even earlier depending on how much cash you’ve poured into Rogers to date. That’s all well and good, but falls on deaf ears to those who used to be able to upgrade after 12 months before last March. Rogers started to make some similar changes to their HUP as a promo, but it looks like they’re keeping it full-time – so even after just a year of subscribing, you’ll still be eligible for a basic phone. Also, the variable HUP fee has been stabilized across all tiers to $35. It sounds like these changes have been made to simplify the overall upgrade process – rather than deal with different categories, tiers and pricing of what you’re eligible for, you can get whatever you want as if you were a new customer after two years. Just remember, if you already picked up an HTC Dream, you can get a Magic for free since the prior won’t be eligible for anything beyond Android 1.5.

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