Wikitude for Android Updated with Layers


Wikitude is an augmented reality browser that overlays an image captured from your mobile camera with geotagged metadata. Today they’ve updated to version 4, which includes overlays for YouTube, Google Local Search, Twitter, Panoramio, and, as well as tools for third parties to create their own overlays. This ties in very nicely with their move to create a standardized markup language for augmented reality data now, while the concept is still young and not overly splintered. Even though there are a bunch of new layers of information to soak in, Wikitude has allowed you to filter which ones are shown at any given time. Wikitude was one of the first apps of its type, and despite the fact that Layar seems to have stolen their thunder, we’re glad to see Wikitude is still improving and growing.  Interested in trying it out? Wikitude 4 is available now in the Android Market (an older version is in the iPhone App Store, if you’re into that kind of thing) for free, so go and get your search on.

[via Mobilizy]

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