Yelp for iPhone Updated with Check-Ins, Twitter/Facebook Integration


Yelp has spent a lot of time with Android lately, but iPhone users will be happy to hear about "the biggest Yelp for iPhone update yet". The most noteworthy new feature is clearly Check-Ins, which sends your location and Quick Tips to friends on Twitter and Facebook. Checking in sounds an awful lot like FourSquare, especially since business owners can offer regulars special offers through the Yelp app. Though it skips the spamminess of awarding medals, there are still Yelp leaderboards for who has the most check-ins, and whoever holds the number one spot gets a special badge (not unlike being a Mayor in Foursquare). If the Yelp for iPhone app has as big of an impact on twitter as Foursquare did, I may end up unfollowing a whole lot of people. Jussayin’. On top of being able to get all of the usual location-pertinent restaurant and business reviews you could need, version 4 of Yelp for iPhone adds extra profile functions, a friend finder using the native address book, and tweaks to the Monocle augmented reality service. Interested? You can grab Yelp for iPhone for free in the iTunes App Store.

[via Yelp Blog]

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