HTC HD2 gets spec upgrade en route to T-Mobile USA

The HTC HD2 is a beast of a smartphone – its massive 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen, speedy Snapdragon processor, sleek design and high-end features make it a force to be reckoned with. Despite running a mobile operating system that is only redeemed by HTC’s splendidly customized TouchFLO 3D UI, we’re still waiting on pins and needles for the HD2 to make it Stateside. The good news is that the long wait will pay off in the end. HTC will apparently be bringing a suped-up version of the HD2 to T-Mobile USA later this year that features beefier memory and storage specs.

In addition to that gorgeously huge 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen, 1Ghz processor, WiFi, GPS, and 5-megapixel camera, HTC has decided to upgrade the internal memory on the US-bound HD2. The non-US variant of the HD2 sports 512MB ROM and 448MB RAM, and includes a 2GB microSD card in the box. The updated T-Mobile version of the HD2 will feature an impressive 1GB ROM and 576MB RAM, with a 16GB microSD card bundled in the retail packaging. If you’re willing to deal with Windows Mobile, the T-Mobile HTC HD2 will be a more powerful version of the best Windows Mobile smartphone on the planet.

As for a launch date, we’re looking for launch in the Spring of 2010. Possibly with Windows Mobile 7 in tow.

Check out the new HD2 specs here.

[HTC via: PMPToday]

  • Sergio

    I cannot wait. i have the Touch Pro 2 (w/TMobile) and it was a good phone, one’s the new update came into play with 6.5 windows mobile, I saw a significant improvement in most of the software. I am very happy with the phone, however since it has a qwerty (which I love) it is very difficult to find a cover for it. I always want a phone w/qwerty because its more convenient to type. HD2 has a reasonable screen size so If the typing is simple, I will get it for sure. Can’t wait.

  • Jeff

    HTC did not update the screen of the HD2. It’s still got the same LCD TFT screen. HTC has been putting AMOLED screens in its more recent Android phones, which give a brighter image while consuming less energy.

    HTC also didn’t resolve many of the bugs that plagued the European version of the phone. Most still exist today (you can Google to find out more about them).

    • Chris

      AMOLED though better contrast are useless in any type of sunlight. How do you know they have not solved any of the bugs, do you have this phone dubbed the HD2b?

      The euro version has gads of issues pink aura in photos, SMS issues, etc. But you truly do not know what they have done to this new variant of the phone.

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