Steve Jobs rips into Google and Adobe, mentions next iPhone ‘update’

steve-jobsIf there’s one thing we like about Steve Jobs, it’s that he isn’t afraid to go on the record to say how Apple is better than competitors like Google and disappointing tech companies Adobe. We can’t say we like his sense of style (or lack thereof), but Mr. Jobs probably doesn’t care what we think about his wardrobe anyway. What Jobs does care about, though, is the state of affairs at Apple. The head of the Apple empire went on stage recently to talk to employees about how Google and its Android OS isn’t a threat to the iPhone, and how Adobe just sucks at what they do. In other words, classic Apple.

The Apple Town Hall Meeting, where Jobs took the stage to preach his thoughts on various subjects, gave the world new insight into Steve’s stance on Google and Adobe. When it comes to Google, Jobs pointed out that Apple didn’t jump into the online search game that Google has been dominating for year, but that Google decided to come play in the mobile phone waters that Apple has been so successfully trawling with the iPhone. Jobs went on to say that Apple won’t let Google kill the iPhone, and that Google’s “don’t be evil” mantra is “a load of crap.”

It’s not just competitors to the iPhone that get Steve’s black turtle-necks and hoodies in a bunch, either. In response to renewed chatter about how the iPad continues the iPhone‘s years-long boycott of Adobe Flash technology, Jobs stated that Apple isn’t using Flash because it’s buggy. In no uncertain words, Mr. Jobs asserted that Adobe is full of “lazy” talent that just can’t seem to innovate to Apple’s standards. He noted that Mac crashes are usually caused by Adobe Flash, and that the technology won’t be relevant once HTML5 becomes mainstream.

And, of course, there was talk of the next iPhone. According to the man with the master iPhone-plan, Apple is working on the next iPhone and Jobs believes that it will be “an A+ update” to the iPhone 3GS. That’s a bit worrisome, for people like us. We would have expected the hype-maker himself to talk about the upcoming iPhone as another innovation, a breakthrough product, something that will make everyone want to buy an iPhone. Instead, Jobs referred to the new Apple smartphone as an “update.” That’s essentially what the 3GS was to the 3G, and that’s not going to cut it in today’s smartphone space. Let’s hope he’s being modest here.

Suffice it to say, Steve Jobs is in the business of creating hype as much as he is responsible for creatign incredible gadgets that evoke emotions like envy and desire. We’d say he’s firing on all cylinders so far.

[Wired via: MacRumors]

  • nvest80

    if Apple wants to continue to dominate the smartphone market they must come out with the iPhone 3GSK – K for Keyboard. There are numerous people that would consider the iPhone but don’t like the touchscreen for typing. In my opinion, they better announce such a phone soon as they otherwise could lose alot of potential customers to HTC. And I think the recent growth in Mac sales shows that more people convert to the Mac platform. I think much of that step away from PC to Mac comes through the iPhone or iPod touch. In a way, I think the mobile sales act like a catalyst and get the consumer used to the Mac platform. Even if Apple doesn’t agree with the addition of a keyboard to its iPhone, they have to get rid of the touchscreen-only pride and add the keyboard. I’m sure it would have a significant impact on Mac sales within just 12-24 short month post iPhone 3GSK introduction.

    • duval99

      if you think they need a keyboard go use a desktop. apple is being innovative compared to every phone now from 20 dollars to 400 dollars having a keyboard these days….. someone needs to break the trend and be different don’t you think

      • matt

        Apple motto…. Think Different

    • NateW

      You must be some sort of supreme marketing advisor.. well maybe for a lemonade stand at least. Lack of a physical keyboard is Exactly what the majority wants. You’ve never used an iPhone, or at least not for more than a few minutes in the Apple store. You must get use to anything new. I’ve never heard anyone, after getting use to the iPhone keyboard, say “Man I wish I had a clunky, microscopic, inaccurate, slow typing, space hogging physical junkboard”.. I love when my thumbs can mash 2-3 keys at a time, something not possible on the iPhone. I also type at minimum twice as fast than any other smartphone/blackberry I’ve had.

      If you want to be stuck in 10 year old tech forever.. don’t assume everyone else is waiting there to high five your ass.

  • 4limbs

    Seeing as how over 8 million iPhones were sold this quarter, I don’t think Apple is losing any sleep over not having a physical keyboard. Besides, you lose the ability to instantly change the keyboard to any language. Oh, and I typed this on the iPhone quite comfortably.

  • iron

    I don’t think so that iphone could lose considerable customers just for a keyboad. user needs to step up in theirs abilities when are facing new technology. its my opinion regardless new phone technology. the faith is how offer support and apps available it doing a phone with great funcionality…example, next iphone coulb offer video phone using internet with a camera embedded with 360 rotation supported with a lot of apps for that characteristic. just dreaming in the reality!!!

  • Sergio

    You have some spelling errors in your article like “creatign” in your last paragraph. “year” Needs to be plural as well in your second paragraph. Thought I’d let you know so you could update your post.
    Best wishes.

  • Josh

    what a stupid idea… a Keyboard on the iPhone? That makes me LaughOutLoud…… People that say that haven't used the iPhone. 3GSK is a bit of a mouthful anyway.

  • Jimbo

    Complete and utter desperation… In response to "go get a desktop if you want a keyboard" comment, that isn't portable so that is pretty irrelevant. My N900 has a keyboard and doesn't use my screen space as a result making it much nicer to use. It also supports Flash so I can browse websites properly. And also the iOS4 update has caused all kinds of problems for the 3GS users, namely slowing it down to a complete halt most of the time.

    Just because 8million idiots have bought the same phone, does not make it the best on the market. Oooh video calling – that's been around for donkeys years and Apple are trying to pass it off as a new feature. Feel free to continue using a phone that is average at best, don't let me stop you by any means.

  • LDK

    get over yourself Jobs

  • LDK

    get over yourself Jobs

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