HourFace iPhone app converts any face into a 3D image; Shows how it would look older or younger

HourFace iPhone app

HourFace is a funny little iPhone app, which allows users to turn photo of a face into a moving/interactive 3D image. You can either use your photo library or snap a photo right from the app itself. Moreover, you can see how the face selected looks like younger and/or older, and of course email the result to a friend.

The application uploads the image selected to the server which then does all the magic. As expected, a good photo is required so that the face can be processed well. An ideal photo is not too bright or dark, faces directly ahead, has its mouth closed, shows a visible forehead and has no glasses.

The “make your face look older” function is especially interesting, as it demos the “Dorian Gray effect”… If you think all this is worth a buck, hop over to this page (iTunes) and take it from there. But before you do so, make sure to check out a short demo video bellow.

[Via: TUAW]

  • Chirurgien esthetique

    Thanks for this app, seems very good!

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