Nexus One finds 80,000 new homes in January

google-nexus-oneWhile not quite up to the kind of sales numbers that the iPhone and Motorola Droid have been enjoying, Google’s Nexus One has managed to find 80,000 new homes in January. Following up on a report that Google sold 20,000 Nexus One Android phones in the first week of sales, it seems Google has been selling their first smartphone at a steady rate of 20k per week. The sales figures – which come from Flurry Analytics by way of the WSJ – aren’t anything to write home about, and definitely won’t give Apple or Motorola reason to lose sleep at night, but they do hint at an interesting potential future for the Nexus One – that of the undercover blockbuster hit.

Again, 80,000 units sold during a launch month is not impressive for the a smartphone of the Nexus One’s pedigree. But, keep in mind that sales have been steady and decently strong – again, not compared to the iPhone, but 80,000 is not a small number in and of itself. Also, keep in mind that the Nexus One is only fully functional on T-Mobile’s 3G network. Verizon and Vodafone will be launching the Nexus One in the spring, which will open up the Nexus One to a whole new market. It’s also rumored to hit AT&T.

When the Nexus One goes live on Verizon, the phone could very well go from undercover status to a true-blue blockbuster success. What do you think, dear reader? Will the Nexus One come into its own once it hits Verizon? Will sales continue to lag (relatively) throughout the year? Keep in mind that Android 2.1 OS will be rolled out to other Android phones by that time.

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  • Steven

    Just wait until N1 comes to VZW.

  • Pachi

    And waiting for AT&T 3g version.

  • FT

    The Nexus One is clearly just the beginning. Google will soon have other phones, possibly from other manufacturers – maybe Motorola, Samsung, LG… Back to the Nexus One, I think sales will be much higher once new carriers will support it.

  • Paul

    Nexus one on Verizon will be awesome. I can’t wait.

  • irsh

    i think people are waiting for the ff things:
    1. more choices in carrier this spring
    2. what apple will come up with
    3. how soon will nexus 2 be? with those nice keyboard etc.
    4. for all those initial problems get ironed out (DONE except for the touch sensitivity)
    5. for their contracts to expire

    i’m waiting for #1 and #4. and maybe a bit of #2 (just for comparison).

  • Edward

    You’re kidding right, Will? This is Epic Fail and if there were any kind of journalistic integrity to this article or any of your other articles it would be shocking. If only you could just put aside your rabid Android fanboy love you just might write something other than this open love letter.

    How about the fact that it’s not even worth firing up the factory in China if you’re not going sell 5 million units? There is absolutely no finance/business cred. to anything here, yet you’re raving about how great it all is? Amateur journalism at it’s worst.

    • Will Park

      In that case, I might be the only Android fanboy that uses an iPhone as my primary phone.

  • Vince

    I agree the number will spike when the big boys make the N1 available, but here’s a different perspective: Where does the N1 rank among HTC phones? Is this a huge deal, or not?

  • blake

    not only is this article well balanced, i find it absurd for someone to call fail for a device that has had pretty much nothing more than online advertising. i highly doubt anyone with a brain was really expecting even droid sales numbers with this device the first week. i hope the sales stay at least consistant, and really wish there was a place you could demo the phone prior to buying, because this phone is fantastic.

  • mrbill

    Unless Google fixes all, and I do mean ALL, of the problems with this defective Beta-Test of a phone and gets a Customer Service Department (One with a phone number and real people) and alters their pricing structure. I would not expect the numbers to be that good at all when the N1 goes to other carriers.

  • wenceslao garcia

    The truth of the matter is, and smart consumers know this, is that t-mobile is not a reliable network. they are looking at their trade offs t waiting for this new technological phenominon to come out this spring for the nations most reliable network, which evrybody knows is verizon wireless. if ATT is sleeping at night along with apple it is a big mistake because i hope for their sake they are working on a better way to combat this threat.

  • Mark

    I will buy the nexus when it comes to verizon. I’d even buy the phone without signing a contract (the full price). I think there are a lot of people like me.
    I agree, I think nexus is gonna do well in the upcoming months.

    me = average wannabetechie with some extra cash

  • Eddy

    I will … if apple keep pissing jailbreaking.

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