HTC Hero showing off multi-touch Expose feature on video

If you have an HTC Hero in your pocket, you’re probably already well aware that your Android phone will soon be getting a handy little update to Android OS 2.1. What’s not clear is whether or not HTC will roll out an updated version of the Hero’s custom Android user interface – the Sense UI – in conjunction with the new Android OS. To make matters more unclear, we’ve just come across a video of an HTC Hero running a version of Sense UI that supports multitouch pinch gestures. We have no idea if the multitouch feature is HTC’s doing or just a creative homebrew modification to the Sense UI, but it sure looks nice!

What you see below is the Sense UI responding to pinch-zooming gestures. A quick pinch of the finger “explodes” the Sense UI into a multi-widget view that reminds us of the “Expose” feature on Mac OS X. The multitouch gesture allows the user to quickly and easily switch between Sense widgets (not that it was all that difficult in the first place).

Will we see this multitouch Sense UI feature in the upcoming HTC Hero Android 2.1 update? Time will tell.

[YouTube via: PocketNow]

  • rafael navarro

    But, one thing question that was not answered. Will it fix its sole purpose of existence? Which is to be a phone first.

  • Tom

    Looks slick. Any idea if that’ll be coming to the Droid Eris?

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