Next iPad to have front facing video camera, next iPhone to have flash? (flash LED, not Adobe Flash)

Earlier this week Apple accidentally posted beta 3 of their iPhone OS 3.2 SDK. They took it off the site after just a few hours, but that didn’t stop hundreds, maybe even thousands, of developers from grabbing it. Inside this beta SDK are some files that reveal a few API calls into Apple’s private framework, most notable are “hasFrontCamera”, “supportsZoom”, and “hasFlash”. Also included in the SDK are some images of buttons (pictured below) a user would click on to either accept or decline a video call.

Put one and two together and it’s easy to predict that the next iPad will indeed have video calling capabilities, and that the next iPhone may have a camera that not only has a flash LED (maybe even Xenon?), but can also zoom. We’re just four months away until Apple’s WWDC, set to take place June 28th, when we’re likely to hear more about the successor to the iPhone 3GS. As for the next generation of the iPad, it’s impossible to predict anything right now. If the product is a hit, then they’ll refresh it early. If it’s a lame duck, then they’ll try and get rid of all the inventory in their factories and then take another stab at this “in between” product category.

[Via: Mac Rumors]

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