Sprint Confirms webOS 1.4 Push Tonight, with Flash 10 Support!

Good news, everyone! Sprint has posted on their community forums that the webOS 1.4 update we’ve been hearing so much about lately “should happen late this evening“, and accidentally posted some of the features and bug fixes Palm Pre users will be able to enjoy – namely, Flash 10 support! The plug-in itself won’t be available from Adobe immediately, so we’ll have to sit tight, but considering we’ve already seen it running on Android, Flash on mobile probably just needs a few finishing touches. Without further ado, here’s the webOS 1.4 feature list that was posted and promptly removed:


  • Time Zone bug fixed
  • Network time sync bug fixed to reflect accurate Network time
  • Bluetooth car-kit transition to device corrected
  • No EV icon bug fixed (random)
  • Random browser formatting bugs fixed
  • Fixed bug that incorrectly displayed Sprint when actually was Digital Roaming
  • Missing Contact issue specifically with swap down to or less

Feature Updates:

  • Phonebook Transfer (import & export)
  • Adds Video Capture capability & edit
  • Calendar Enhancements
  • Messaging Enhancements
  • Improved Performance (Phone & CAL)
  • Email Enhancements
  • Notification Enhancements
  • Adds Adobe Flash 10.0 (Pre Only)

NOTE: The 1.4 software adds the ability to use the Flash 10.0 Adobe plug-in which will be available shortly from the Palm App Catalog.

Video recording is another big feature a lot of webOS users will be happy to see, and the round of general improvements and fixes is good to keep things polished, but it’s doubtful that a simple OS update will turn around Palm’s rough financial patch – no sir, that’s something only aggressive marketing and a brand new product can even begin to fix. I’d give them another quarter to see how well the Pre and Pixi Plus manage to do, but I’d presume that as incremental upgrades, they won’t significantly change Palm’s current course.

In any case, anyone on Sprint should keep an eye on their webOS phones tonight for an update!

[via PreCentral]

  • dean

    yay! It’s coming today! So excited can’t wait.

  • braincell

    i cant wait.. some flash and video editing.. this phone is the shit.. cant wait.

  • Jose T

    Actually they showed off Flash on a Pre long before showing it on an Android. Just saying.

  • jeff

    they said it would be out yesterday. There is a reason the sprint post was removed. It’s not coming out tonight. Seriously, if you sit by your phone waiting for it all night, you are gonna be one dissapointed moron. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. The post (along with other errors) said the pixi update is coming feb. 29th but that date doesn’t exisit this year. I can’t believe so many people jumped on this obviously fake bandwagon. I really want the update as well, but I’m not gonna believe every little thing I read. Remember how it was supposed to be out the 15th? Then the 25th? Think about it. Palm will announce 1.4’s arrival. There is no big secret about when it’s coming out. It’s just not ready yet. They aren’t releasing a new product, just an update.

  • Paul Jauregui

    Was in a Sprint store today to get my Palm Pre serviced. First thing they said was, “Oh, there’s a big update today”. I replied, “Yes, I know – where is it?”. Still waiting…

    • Will Park

      Ha! Great reply on your part.

  • Brian

    No update, lies, lies, damned lies!

  • wuwu

    We all been punked folks, its not coming out today, ahhhhh.

  • Gary

    well its 1:09am on the 27th of Feb, no update for the 1.4 here!! any one know when its coming for the east coast of Florida

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