WIND Mobile Launches in Edmonton

Canada’s newest carrier, WIND Mobile, has kicked off their network in Edmonton, Alberta, now offering their unique plans to folks who have little intention of leaving the city.

WIND launched back in December with four handsets (the Bold 9700, HTC Maple, Gravity 2 and Huawei U7519 – the N900 should be coming soon. WIND also offers three plans, that should cover the full spectrum of demand: $15, $35 and $45/month. So what’s the big deal? Well, they’re the only carrier to offer properly unlimited plans, and are only soft-capped to boot, so customers don’t get reamed with overage charges. No ETFs, no system access fees, no 911 fees, and unlimited calling with anyone else on the WIND network all make the carrier a force to be reckoned with.

Despite all of their talk about revolutionizing Canadian wireless, WIND still has a ways to go – subscribers leaving what WIND calls their Home Zones (i.e. the city with the supporting network) will have to pay roaming charges since the other Big Three carriers are the only ones with the real geographical coverage. That might be a bit of a kick in the pants for travelers, but since Canadian demographics work out so that the vast bulk of our population is concentrated in small, urban pockets, WIND mobile might not be at a huge disadvantage for the immediate future.

Currently, Calgary and Toronto have WIND networks set up, and Ottawa and Vancouver will be rolled out shortly. If you happen to live in Edmonton, and are sick of Bellus and Robbers, there are six WIND locations available for your perusal: West Edmonton Mall, Kingsway Garden Mall, and Blockbuster stores on 95th. Street, Baseline, 104th. Street, and 23rd. Avenue.

[via WIND]

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