Nexus One Mods coming down the pipe in full force

The Nexus One’s modder’s have very been busy lately, turning something great into something better. First, with the new Sense UI ports that have began to trickle out, and now we have video of some other goodies on their way. The newest additions to the fast growing add-ons are a multi-color trackball option, custom live wallpapers, and 360 degree rotation with the accelerometer.

It hasn’t been even been a three months since the Nexus One was unleashed and already we have seen the device rooted (before the official launch), custom ROMs, and many add-ons. The newest of the pack is the multi-colored trackball mod. This feature was supposed to come with the Nexus One out of the box, but it seems that it was pulled from the source code, and users were (until now) stuck with just a white blinking trackball. Currently on XDA, a mod is available to change this, but the mod has no way to customize it. It does indeed work, and it works well, but with no customizing options, it leaves something to be desired. This is Android, afterall. The current available mod allows for your trackball to light up green when receiving an email or text message, blue for Twidroid, a popular Twitter client, and of course white for anything else. The newer version of the mod comes with the ability to change the color of the LED. (seen below)

Next up, we have customized live wallpapers. We’ve seen the live wallpapers in all their glory, right? Well it seems like some devs have something greater planned, as they have found a way to change the colors of the classic ‘Nexus’ live wallpaper. Seeing this on video really makes one happy to know that this is just the beginning of live wallpapers, and that one day we may be able to customize the sh*t out of them. Furthermore, there is an API that¬† allows applications to interact with live wallpapers, but it seems like no one has really thought it useful enough to go through with. Let’s hope someone cooks us something up soon.

Last but not least, the ability to rotate your Nexus One in any direction, up, down,left, or right, and have the screen orient itself to the direction it is being held. This has only been seen in the Samsung Galaxy (i7500), and no other Android phone as of yet has had this option enabled. All Android devices can re-orient themselves into landscape mode when turning the phone on its left side, but with the exception of the Galaxy, not the right. All Android devices have accelerometers, so it seems a bit odd to limit them to one direction. I’m glad someone put forth the effort to give us this option.

With all this added functionality coming from developers on their own time, Google is really having some of their work done for them, which is probably what they intended for by making Android open-sourced. Maybe there will be the day that the Nexus One will make us coffee in the morning, and give us a pep talk when we really need one. Let’s just hope these mods won’t be completely reliant on processors to make these dreams come true.

Check out the video!

[Via: DroidDog ]

  • Guest la Troi

    I have a problem, why is it that all we get in the way of "News….New Mods' is OMG….Trackball colors? and 360 degree rotation?j This is new, not too much whewp here. Is that something this acutal basis for announcement as Android novelty , functionally relevant, or is it "who hasn't seen that yet????" Ain't too poopular in the way of improvements here…..can we strectch the imagination and maybe try pushing the envelope here a little…we need to move it along guys….dance for me….show me your inner Jetson……dazzle please~~!

    Call me pessimitstic beotch, but geez…..seems we have screeched to a halt for summer break is it….??

    Thanks for listening…

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