Nexus One not so good at multi-touching

Multi-touch, specifically pinch to zoom, has been one of the few/many (depending on how you look at it) things that was left out of almost all Android devices. Shortly after the launch of the Nexus One, Google turned on the switch to this technology, but it looks like it has a few bugs, and now we have a video of the Motorola Droid kicking its ass at ‘multi-touching.’

The first people to notice the glitches of the multi-touch functionality were developers, as they have to deal with it directly if it is going to be implemented in their application or not. One such developer, Robert Green of Battery Powered games, who has made games such as Light Racer 3D, and Wixel, also has an application called Multi-Touch Visible Test. The application shows how two different touch points are recognized on a device, and judging from the video below, the Motorola Droid’s transitions between axis’ is much more smooth than that of the Nexus One.

Whether or not this is a software, or a hardware issue is anyone’s guess at the moment. This can just be put up on the top of all the issues that have began surfacing. From inconsistent 3G connections to having the phone call emergency service numbers when checking your voicemail, the problems surrounding the Nexus One keep stacking up. It seems once a problem the Nexus One has faced gets solved, another problem materializes.

Only time can tell if Google, or HTC may come out and say that their hardware is flawed, and no software update can fix some of the problems that the device has. Judging by the recent problems now facing HTC, they need something that, say, just works. If the unlikely happens, and the Nexus One for some reason needs to be recalled, lets hope we may see a free Nexus Two, or Desire to all the previous owners. I can dream, can’t I?

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  • Steven

    this must be some propaganda put forth by Droid commies. 😉

  • Anthony

    I’m in San Diego and have had the Nexus one since the 2nd day it became available. I have had zero connection problems thru 3g / H / 2g / wifi network.

    I do however have occasional touch screen problems since multitouch was implemented. Sometimes a good wiping of the screen fixes it, if not, I just reset it.

    Overall very good phone and I’m sure it’ll only get better as Google updates their flagship device.

    • underthesea

      @mrbill: three replacements? You’re just a big whiner. You expect a PERFECT phone which it doesn’t exist! I have a N1 and never had any issues you have mention. You’re full of crap! How much is Steve Job paying you for?lol

  • allyriane

    I have none of these problems. My phone is perfect except for the pink blob on the camera lens which is annoying and the swap phone they sent me had it also. But NONE of these problems above exist for me. Alot of hyperbole IMO. I will keep swapping out my phone until I receive one without the pink blob but other than that, I couldn’t be happier with this phone. If you want to sync your picasa what’s the shock about needing a gmail addy? I didn’t even know you could have picasa without one. It’s a first release. I had a $16,000 car in 1983 that was a pos and learned not to trust a new model of anything so all things considered this phone is excellent.

  • allyriane

    BTW what’s the point of testing an APP that your “friend” developed then blogging about it? I don’t understand. Take it up with HIM, you’re not “testing” a Nexus product.

  • Percybut

    Very simple answer: on the Nexus One, the vertical and horizontal axis are tracked independently. This is fine for 1 input point. However, if two input points are present, then the software needs to guess.

  • tdawg

    I really haven’t had any problem with my nexus one. I mean sure iPhone and Droid have better touch screen, but you know what ? this nexus one is just perfect for me. Eversince I updated the software to android 2.1 update 1, everything has been working just fine. There are no perfect smartphones out there! Maybe there are…I don’t know. All I know I’m pretty happy with what nexus one can do especially the GPS navigation and the faster 1ghz processor.

    • Tony

      Great phone,havent had any problems..and hopefully i won’t have any..I have the at&t 3G version

  • Tkjtkj

    Occasionally ( well, twice since i got my N1 months ago) my phone screen fails in this manner: typing on the android keyboard, it’ll enter the letter next to that which i chose (eg: typeing ‘k’ causes ‘l’ to be entered). its not the keyboard software cuz the first time it happened was while i was using the SwiftKey keyboard application from the market. Both times i fixed it by rebooting the phone .. which is a real pain in the ass …
    (info: CyanogenMod 6.0 )

  • Ratnok

    WOW. mrbill, we all owe you a HUGE thank you for detailing your issues. I’ve been wanting to buy a Nexus One (fiending actually) and this story is something I would never want to duplicate! I know that not everyone has this experience, but for it to even happen to 1 person is absurd. I’m going to wait another month before buying the N1. Hopefully, they will have worked out all of the kinks by then.

  • Adam

    I’ve only had the one N1 that was shipped and apart from the multi-touch problem which I find locking and unlocking instantly fixes (really annoying but obviously a software bug to do with horizontal finger alignment it does) I’ve not had a problem.

    I’ve had one problem with WiFi once, but that was the router not the phone. I found my old Nokia and laptops would constantly re-connect, but the N1 would eventually give up until you go to the WiFi setting and tell it to “reconnect” to the access point. It does give a status that it could see the WiFi but had problems connecting.

    As for 3G issues.. When I first got the device I had the same thing where it just would refuse to connect most of the time unless you forced it in the advanced radio settings, I got the OTA update and it was the same for a day then it sorted itself out. Been totally fine since. I mostly have HSDPA connections now and rarely see it going back to GPRS. (I’m in the UK on O2)

    The only problem I’ve had that actually bugs me is gmail sometimes crashes with some attachments and have to reboot the phone to fix, and picassa album sync does not work unless you have a account.. doesn’t even work with accounts.

    These are just software problems, and I know that Google are aware of them as you can see their responses in the forums. Just hoping that they bring out updates to fix them sooner than later, but with all the bad press with too many Android versions being out there at the moment, this could be holding them back. HTC Hero users are already pissed off not getting any updates to 2.1 STILL, so N1 updates flying out the door might not do general feelings about Android adoption any good. That’s not necessarily Googles fault, it’s how fast HTC are moving and that they are trying to do a lot all at the same time. Something somewhere has to give!

  • Adam

    Oh.. and, yes I love the phone/device. Have had a lot of mixed high-end devices, and this is the best I’ve ever owned as an all rounder.

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