Rogers Navigator for iPhone Coming Soon – Will Not be Voiced by Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers Voice Navigation

Seems like Rogers has been busy over the last little while. They’ve just launched the Samsung Galaxy ‘Spica’ powered-by Android 1.5, and late last week they also launched the new Rogers ‘RedBoard’ to help them connect with customers. Now, it looks like a new iPhone navigation app from Canada’s ‘Big Red’ is on the way.

‘Rogers Navigator for iPhone’ could be available as early as March 26th, and for a rumored price of $4.99 will provide the following:

  • Voice turn by turn directions
  • Enter addresses or commands by speaking them
  • Real time traffic alerts
  • One touch reroute
  • 2D or 3D maps
  • Business finder
  • Integration with address books
  • Listen to music while navigating
  • Works with Bluetooth

Personally, I’m hoping the turn-by-turn directions will be voiced by Kenny Rogers. Wouldn’t that be creepy AND hilarious? ‘Turn left at the stop sign, darlin’. Oh boy, it’s been a loooong day.

Canadians, what say you? Would you consider picking this up for $4.99, or will the whole project end up a steaming pile of garbage? Share your thoughts, please…

[Via: MobileSyrup]

  • Abe

    Personally, I’ll stick with Roadmate or CoPilot.
    As I don’t have a data plan with Rogers; but even if I did, I still prefer the ability to do my navigation off line.

  • digitalterry

    I think this will be a big hit with people if it has a smaller footprint than apps like Navigon. My wife can’t install something that big because it requires 15-20% of the entire space of an 8GB iPhone. A smaller version, even if it only works in the local area, would be an easy sale at that price.

  • Keith Longpre

    Confirmed.. I just got off the phone with Rogers now and I have added the Rogers Navigator to my iPhone 3GS for only $4.99.. havent had a chance to test it out yet so I will report back when I can

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