Video: What makes Samsung’s “Super OLED” special?

When Samsung announced the Wave at Mobile World Congress a little over 3 weeks ago, one of the things, probably the only thing, that excited us about the new device was the “super OLED” display. I put “super OLED” in quotes because it’s quite a terrible marketing term, and it makes bloggers, journalists, and analysts gag, but then once you actually see said screen with your own two eyes then you forget that some assflute with an associates degree in general communications came up with the name.

It’s that good, and no video is going to show off how awesome it truly is. Now that being said, curious minds want to know: why are “super OLED” screens so damn awe-inspiring? The trick is that the touch sensors usually put on top of the display are now built into the display itself, thereby eliminating a layer of material that sits between the pixels showing you your email, and the finger you use to navigate your inbox.

Just watch the video below to get a better grasp of what I’m trying to explain, and no, don’t crank your speakers, there is no audio track.

[Via: Engadget]

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