Foursquare for BlackBerry Updated to Version 1.7

Foursquare Updated to Version 1.7 for BlackBerry

To no doubt coincide with SXSW (which officially kicks off tomorrow), Foursquare has gone ahead and updated their BlackBerry app to version 1.7. Let the battle between Gowalla and Foursquare continue on the SXSW show floor. Of course, no details or changelog have been made available for this update as of yet, but from what I can tell it looks like simple ‘window dressing’ so far. UI tweaks and updates, nothing too major.

An important note about this update however for Storm users… 1.7 does not appear to be compatible with the Storm yet (API issues abound). So, if you’re all eager to download and install, you’d best be waiting a little bit until we hear of support for your device.

If you’re locked, loaded and ready to install, simply point your Berry’s browser to for installation OTA.

Foursquare (FREE) [App World link]

  • pete nofelt

    Hi James, I’m foursquare’s bb developer. Thanks for the aswesome post.

    Regarding the Storm issue, that has since been resolved. I would recommend re-downloading from

    If anyone is still running into this issue email me at: pete [at] foursquare [.] com

  • muhammad ali

    version 1.7 have very fast in communication technology.

  • Asti

    Dear Pete,
    I have a problem after self upgarde OS from v4 to OS v5.0.0.592 on my Javelin 8900. I can’t log in. the message comming while login is “We’re having a problem connecting to the network. Check your network setting and try again”. I alredy re-check and re-setting my network. but still can not work/login..
    And I’ve been try to re-install many times.
    What should I do ?

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