FunTweet puts a visual spin on your tweet

FunMobility is America’s largest mobile content community, used by 27 different companies, and on 550 handsets. With almost 76,700,000 customers, when the team announces something, people listen. Enter FunTweet, a Twitter client that adds images to one’s tweet based on keywords found within the tweet.

Twitter is Twitter. It needs little work, but what it does, it does right. It wouldn’t be so crazy-popular if it wasn’t doing something right, right?. But that doesn’t mean that someone may wish for a little more from their tweet than just plain text. This is where FunTweet may catch on, and possibly catch on quick. It’ll catch someone’s eye a lot easier than any other regular tweet, and as it seems, it’s pretty effortless. Just tweet, and FunTweet does the rest for you.

FunTweet is similar to FunMail, and application for Android and iPhone. It allows a user to send a message to someone, giving them a choice of graphics send along with the text. FunMail for Android takes uses Google’s voice recognition software, so one can send a picture to a voice message as well.

FunMobility is hoping that companies will eventually adopt their service so they will be used at conferences, and business meetings where streaming messages could be possibly displayed at.

My only concern that the real Twitter site may like that idea as well, and may implement similarly. Even though FunMobility is first to implement it, Twitter could easily add that in as an ‘experiment’ (Google Labs for Twitter?), and it would catch on a lot faster because it’s coming from Twitter themselves. Great artists steal, (right, Jobs?) and Twitter could very well build upon the initial concept of FunTweet, and make it better. Or, they may do nothing, as people are using their service, and that may be all that matters to them.

I see the functionality in this, but this would be a pass.

[Via: VentureBeat ]

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